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Manage Over SAR 11 Billion In Assets

Managing your mortgage business' operational needs, lowering capital investment, eliminating operational risk, and ensuring all requirements and compliance regulations are met in an evolving industry. We improve the scale, quality, and economics of our clients' operations while offering fully Shariah-compliant mortgage fulfillment solutions to companies either directly or through third parties. You can choose to outsource all or any part of the mortgage originations, processing, underwriting and closing functions for residential mortgage transactions.

Our experienced staff is supported by state-of-the-art technology to empower our partners with transparent, real-time views into program performance. Our secure, sophisticated technology platform offers our proprietary back office, Web-based Contract Origination System (COS) software with full document imaging as well as integration with partner’s industry-leading applications. The result is a paperless, workflow-driven environment and a completely transparent system that delivers streamlined processes, more client control, and better communications.

You will be supported by a dedicated client management team specifically assigned to design customer solutions for your individual needs.

Dar Al Tamleek understands your daily challenges and is ready to assist. We pride ourselves on being responsive, collaborative, compliant, and innovative to provide an unparalleled customer service experience for both you and your customers.



  • Dar Al Tamleek is able to provide an end-to-end program management solution for home financing with specific benefits including:

    • Improvement in service standards & policies
    • Application of best practices
    • Standardized approach to market
    • Single point of contact
    • Reduction of internal expense
    • Leverage of technology platform
    • Marketing and brand awareness campaign design
  • Dar Al Tamleek’s core competencies make the company a qualified and unique choice to provide home finance program management services. Core competencies include

    • Experience managing third party mortgage programs
    • Home finance contract origination & servicing
    • State of the art technology with flexible, open system architecture
    • Modeling, analytics, segmentation, & predictive tools
    • Scalable servicing platform
    • Auditing, process design, compliance
    • Credit cycle and credit risk management
  • Our versatile technology platform is a key differentiator from other prospective program managers:

    • Unique systems built specifically for the Saudi market & originally created in Arabic
    • Pre-qualification systems that give “real time” responses
    • Flexible automated underwriting engine that can be tailored to any standards
    • Consumer & business partner tracking through web-based portals
    • System accessible 24/7 from virtually any location
  • Dar Al Tamleek has a proven track record of working with clients to design solutions tailored to their specific business needs, systems and processes. Dar Al Tamleek eliminates your need to build and maintain in-house technology, infrastructure, trained staff, and home finance compliance expertise. By leveraging our investment and expertise, you save up-front and ongoing fixed cost and capital investment.


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