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Dar Al Tamleek offers a variety of programs, each program is dedicated to a specific segment of people in the kingdom tailored to match their particular needs and budgets. To make sure that everyone owns their dream home, Dar Al Tamleek has broken down its financing solutions into 3 different categories:

Dar Al Tamleek is a specialized home finance company that is dedicated to establishing a relationship with its customers by earning their trust. The company’s guiding principles are what sets it apart from its competitors and provides every customer the assurance of receiving first rate service.

We are a Shariah-compliant company that understands the purchase of a home is one of the most important personal decisions a person can make. It is a decision that goes beyond how much a person can afford, because it will ultimately be a reflection of the customer’s value and lifestyle.

Dar Al Tamleek has created an infrastructure that enables customers to access home financing as efficiently as possible. This involves the use of an innovative transactional technology that facilitates an easier closing process. All programs are tailored to suit individual client circumstances, ensuring the greatest flexibility and responsiveness in every transaction.

Dar Al Tamleek was appointed to administer the Public Pension Agency’s Masakin home finance program. The Masakin product is sponsored by the Public Pension Agency to provide government, private employees and pensioners with the ability to purchase the home of their dreams through a sponsored home finance program.

This opportunity includes military personnel and civilians working in government sectors who occupy jobs which are approved by the government’s public budget or the budget of public institutions and organizations. This exclusive program is now being offered to government employees and all retirees. The Masakin program has a number of unique benefits to offer qualified participants unlike any other program in the Kingdom.

The REDF Subsidized Lending Program has collaborated with the Public Pension Agency’s Masakin program, administered by Dar Al Tamleek, to provide the most exceptional subsidy government loan program for approved beneficiaries employed in the government sector and all pensioners. The REDF will provide the beneficiaries with a monthly subsidy to cover the beneficiary's cost of financing profits for up to SAR 500,000. The beneficiary may also receive a higher amount of funding if he desires and his financial ability is acceptable to cover the additional funding up to 5,000,000 SAR.

Moreover, the REDF also offers a Down Payment Guarantee Program for some eligible customers in addition to the Subsidized Lending Program. The Down Payment Guarantee Program will minimize the required down payment to 5% instead of the 10% down payment mandated by SAMA for buying the first home. The maximum property value permitted under this program is SAR 800,000. 


How the Subsidized Lending Program works: 

  • The program is eligible to a beneficiary who obtained a mortgage from the participating banks and funding companies.
  • The fund provides a monthly subsidy that covers the funding profits at minimum rate of 35% and maximum rate of 100%, the amount is transferred to the beneficiary's account directly after the payment of the monthly installment due from financing agency.


Subsidized Lending program options:

  • Purchasing ready units

-To apply for the eligibility of the Subsidized Home Finance through Sakani platform

-To find out about the subsidy tolerance percentage, please visit Support calculator


Ready-made Housing Unit:

It is a Funding for purchasing a ready-made property from the market whether it is (villa, apartment, residential building) or one of the projects of the Ministry of Housing with an amount up to SAR 500,000 which compatible with Islamic Sharia compliant. It also offered to REDF beneficiaries and MOH beneficiaries.


Program Benefits:

  • Such mortgage applied to all types of residential property.
  • The possibility of benefiting from the reduced down payment service from 10 % to 5%.
  • There is a possibility to benefit from the service of "reducing the down payment.


Conditions for reducing down payment:

  • To be the first home buyer.
  • The home price should be 800,000 and less.




The program allows you to join with any primary relative member in order to increase the finance amount.


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Ijarah Fatwah

Ijarah Program is an authorized program by DAT Shariah board Members